lord balaji

Lord Srinivasa wakes up every morning to the chanting of ‘ Suprabhatham’. Temple archakas stand infront of bangaru vakili of ananda nilayam at about 2.30 A.M. and recite suprabhatham consisting of 29 slokas, Sri Venkateswara Stotra consisting of 11 stanzas, Sri Venkateswara prapatthi of sixteen slokas and Sri Venkateswara Mangala Sasanam consisting of 14 slokas. It is believed Sri Prathivada Bhayankar Annan, an ardent devotee of Lord Srinivasa composed the suprabhatham. A devotee experiences magnificent divine joy while listening to these recitations. One may not even understand the language or meaning. but the vibrations of the flow are simply superb…we are taken to unknown worlds hearing suprabhatham…even if we listen once our whole body vibrates with the divine rhythm of Suprabhatham forever.

Suprabhatham of Lord consists of 29 slokas reflecting deep devotion to Lord Srimannarayana. The first sloka starts like ‘ kousalya supraja rama …’the suprabhatam starts with prasing Lord Srinivasa and then there is an invocation to Sri Maha Lakshmi which goes like ‘ mathah samastha jagatham …’ Sri Venkateswara stotra comprising of 11 slokas wonderfully describes the glory of lord srinivasa …most of us familiar with one of the slokas which goes like this…. Vina venkatesam na nadho na nadhaha Sada venkatesam smarami smarami Hare venkatesam presida presida Priyam venkatesa prayascha prayascha Only venkateswara is our lord…no one else…no other refuge for us…only your namam reverberates in our hearts always… oh! swamy! venkatesa!… shower your divine blessings on us always… grant me all my wants… kindly bestow your blessings on me always…. Sri Venkateswara prapatti consisting of sixteen stanzas is an exquisite piece of poetry starting with an invocation to Supreme Mother Sri Maha Lakshmi.

Lord’s mangala sasanam consisting of thirteen slokas takes a devotee to mystic divine experiences. Every morning Lord of Seven Hills wakes up to the recitation of these slokas with a magnificent smile on his lips…the smile that is the supreme protection for this universe…the smile that overpowers everything else in this universe with it’s magnificent divinity and charm…the smile that engulfs the whole universe with ultimate bliss…the smile that fills us all with a sense of fulfillment and joy…the smile that relieves us all of our sorrows… Oh! Srinivasa!…You are Supreme…You are everything to me and everything around me is none other than You… Om Namo Venkatesaya…Om Namo Srinivasaya…Om Namo Narayanaya…

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