Story About how Lord gets Injured.

balajiThere was a cowherd man who everyday took those cows out to the pastures, to graze on the grasses, and in the evening the cows would come back and would be milked. Many days went by, and there was no milk coming from this special cow. She just had a calf. There is no reason for this! The queen went to the go-shaala. “Where?! So many days! Where is the milk from this prized cow? We spent so much! Where is the milk from this prized cow?” She went to the cowherd man. “Are you drinking it? Are you stealing it?” He said, “No, no! I am not! Honest, I am not!” “If tomorrow, there is no milk, then I know you are! Then you will be punished with your life.”

Now what happened is this. At a certain time everyday, during the grazing of the cows, this cowherd man would take a nap. He would go to sleep under a tree. And right when he went to sleep, that Brahma cow would run to the ant-hill and stand right over the ant-hill with her udder and then pour profusely nectarean, delicious, nutritious milk down, and Shrinivasa accepting the loving offering of His devotee, would just look up, open His mouth and the milk would come right into His mouth to feed Him for the day. This was going on everyday. This cow was a very, very faithful devotee.

So, on this particular day, the cowherd man pretended to go to sleep. But slightly kept one eye open to watch the cow. And he saw that cow running, running… He saw that cow standing over an anthill, milk pouring down into the ground. Oh! He was furious. This was unbelievable. He was about to be killed bcoz of this restless cow. He lost all intelligence. Krishna tells in the Gita: When there is anger, one loses one’s intelligence and one falls down into abominable activities. So, this cowherd man in arage of fury, picked up an axe, and attacked. He hurled the axe to cut off the head of the cow.

But as the axe was coming down, Shrinivasa leaped up and blocked the razor-sharp edge of the axe with His own forehead. When the cowherd man saw the most beautiful personality standing before him, bleeding profusely, he fell down unconscious. And news came to the king of what had happened, and he came running to the place. When he first saw his servant, the cowherd man laying unconscious, he thought he was killed. He saw blood all around. He was about to attack and chastise whoever that person was. But, when he looked closely at Him, He was the embodiment of all opulence and beauty. he understood that He was a special personality, and the king asked, “What has happened?” And Shrinivasa explained exactly. The king begged forgiveness. namo brahmanya devaya go-brahmana hitaya cha jagad-hitaya krishnaya govindaya namo ‘namah.

We cahnt this prayer. But do we really acknowledge the significance of it? Krishna is very fond of giving protection to the cows and the brahmanas. In the story of Bhrigu Muni, we see He tolerated the injustice of being kicked in the chest and forgave a brahmana, and here He is showing His love for the cow. To save a cow, He is willing to endure the pain of an axe, penetrating His own head. So He walked into the forest and He was bleeding and feeling much pain. This is the Lila of the Lord. And then Brihaspati, the priest of the demigods, He approached. He asked Brihaspati, “Can you tell me a herbal remedy to alleviate the pain and injury of my head?” Brihaspati explained exactly the herbs that were required (42:30). So He was searching for those herbs and at that time He came to Varaha Kshetra, where He met Lord Varahadeva(VD).

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