Story of Chakravarthi – Lord Venkateswara’s Devotee

tirumalaThere was a king called Cholaraja. He was a very noble, honest and good king. One day he went to the Sesha:dri forest along with his soldiers to hunt wild animals. As the king Cholaraja was hunting, he found a beautiful flower garden.

Birth of Chakravarthi

In that garden he saw a beautiful lady plucking flowers. He was stunned by her beauty and immediately fell in love with her. He dropped all his weapons, walked towards the lady and asked for her name and identity. He also enquired about her parents and her marital status. She told him that she was the daughter of the snake king Dhanamjaya who lived in nether world (Pathala loka) and told him that her father was searching for a groom to marry her off. The king then proposed to her. She accepted him and both got married. The next day the king went back to his kingdom and the beautiful Princess went to her parents in the nether world and told them about her marriage to the noble king, Cholaraja. Her parents were happy about her marriage to the noble king. After a while, the Princess had a beautiful baby boy. The baby boy grew up to be a bright and handsome kid. One day he asked his mother about his father.

He expressed his desire to meet his father. She told the boy that his father was a king by name Cholaraja and showed him the tunnel that led to the surface of the earth. The boy travelled through the tunnel and went to the Kingdom where his father was. The king, not recognizing the boy, asked him who he was. The boy explained to his father that he was his son and his mother was the princess from the nether world. At the same time a voice from the skies said, “Oh! King! It is true, he is your son and he will be a great noble king. He will become a great devotee of lord Sri:niva:sa.” The king then happily accepted the boy as his son, named him Chakravarthi. The king built a town at the forest Seshadri, where he met and married the Pathalaloka princess, and crowned him as the King.

Chakravarthi gets a strange dream One day a few cowherd boys approached the king Chakravarthi and reported about a strange happening near the Seshachalam mountain. The puzzled and confused cowherds told their king Chakravarthi that all their milk pots which were filled with milk broke and the milk disappeared while passing through the anthill in Seshachalam. This happened everyday on their way back to the kingdom. This happened irrespective of whatever precautions they took to safeguard the milk pots.The king was amazed. That night the king thinking about this strange phenomenon prayed to God and went to sleep and had a beautiful dream. In his dream he saw a beautiful man with lotus like eyes.

The king asked him about his whereabouts and the handsome man replied that he was sent by the lord Sri:niva:sa who lives on the Devendra hill and he came to deliver the following message: “O King! I regularly visit the mountains near Seshachalam along with my wives Sri and Bhudevi. On the north side of this mountain there is a great kingdom with so many chariots, elephants, and horses along with 33,000,000 divine people and many sacred rivers. There are 8 sages – Animaa, Mahimaa, Garima:, Laghima:, Pra:pthi, Pra:ka:myamu, Eesathwam, and Vasithwam –performing penance. On the east side of this mountain there is a beautiful city called Ka:lahasthi where lord Siva is living. On the east side of this city there is a sacred river called Suvarnamukhi. Great sages like Sukamaharshi along with many others are living near that river and performing regular prayers to me.

Who ever lives 7 miles around this place are blessed to reach my abode. Now can you realize how much powerful it would be if the people chant the Astakshari mantra at this place?” In his dream the handsome man took him to the beautiful Seshadri mountain. There the king saw a flying chariot decorated with gold and diamonds. The man disappeared along with the flying chariot. The king revealed this dream to his ministers the next day. After listening to the king’s strange dream, his ministers said,”O King! God blessed you; there is no doubt that God is in that strange ant hill that the cowherd boys mentioned. Let us go there and offer the milk bath so that God can appear from that ant hill.” While the king Chakravarthi and his ministers were thinking about the dream, a hunter entered into the kingdom and told the King that he lived near the Seshachalam Mountain and offered rice and honey every day to God.

Today a voice from the skies asked him to remind the king about his dream, and to confirm that God appeared in his dream. The voice from the sky commanded the hunter to bring the king to the Seshachalam Mountain. After hearing all these incidents and experiencing God’s presence in his dream, King Chakravarthi ordered the soldiers to collect all the milk from the entire kingdom and bring it to the ant hill near Seshachalam. The king along with his ministers and the hunter Sabara left for the Seshachalam mountain to offer the milk.

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