The Annual Festival Of Tirumala

perumalDuring the celebrations, Brahma took a promise from Srinivasa, that he would redeem the sins of all the pilgrims who came to the temple. Srinivasa agreed, and the Seshadri hills were renamed as Venkata (Vem = dire sins, kata = power of immunity). Srinivasa came to be known as Venkateshwara, Lord of the Venkata hills.

Brahma lit two lamps with the instructions that they should burn continuously and that Srinivasa should live on the Venkata hills, granting boons to his devotees who came there. And to this, too, did Srinivasa agree.

Brahma then decided to arrange a grand celebration. He called Vishwakarma and ordered the preparation of chariots, vehicles, temple umbrellas and diamond ornaments, and gave Thondaimaan the work of making all other arrangements. All the kings of India were invited to this grand celebration.

The celebration began on the first day of the New Moon, in the month of Bhadrapada (Tamil Purattaasi) and went on for ten days. People came from every part of the country to witness it. They desired that it should be repeated every year. Thus it became an annual festival – the Brahmotsavam, the festival of Brahma.

After the celebration, Brahma returned to heaven, having fulfilled his mission of leaving Vishnu on the Venkata hills for the duration of Kali yuga.

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