The Grandeur of the God of the Hills – Lord Srinivasa

Lord-Venkateswara-Swamy-www.picturesimages (2)Throughout times, God has taken countless names and forms to reassure that He is, and always will be there for all of us unconditionally. Some of these forms are living and breathing, while others are silent and stone-like. And among all these silent forms, none is more popular in this day and age than Sri: Venkate:swara, the Majestic Lord who resides on the sacred Seven Hills in India. Temples to Lord Venkate:swara can be found not only here, but throughout the world.

No one can really say for sure when the Supreme Being first stood on the Seven Hills for the sake of all of us. But, what we do know is that about 1000 years ago, people somehow forgot who He was, and a great debate took place about Who this image form was and what His purpose was.

It was at this tumultuous moment in history when the great religious teacher and social reformer, Bhagavad Bhagavad Ra:ma:nuja, came to the Seven Hills. He observed the pains of the people in trying out the purpose of the Majestic Form, and decided to put an end to people’s doubts. Using ancient scriptures as evidence, Bhagavad Ra:ma:nuja presented a clear and lucid set of points of how the Supreme Being Himself had taken this unique form as a temple image, for the purpose of redeeming us from our sorrows by reassuring us of His presence. All these points were put together in a work called Sri:Venkate:swara Itiha:sa Ma:la, a Garland of Verses about Sri: Venkate:swara’s History.

The story of Venkate:swara starts with how the One Supreme Being, residing in His mysterious abode called Vai:kuntam was unable to bear the suffering of His children on Earth. He immediately decided to descend to Earth in a form that would re-assure the world that He loves and cares for all of us. He chose a beautiful location to present Himself, at the top of a scenic set of mountains. He then took the beautiful form that we now see in temples throughout the world.

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