The Sages meet the group of Seven Celestial Saints – Sapta Rishis.

lord venkateswaraContinuing further East, the fellowship witnessed a humungous radiant tree with huge branches, resembling the throne of Lord Indra. The tree was so big and its branches were so full of dense flowers and fruits that the weight of the flowers and fruits made the tree bend over and lean towards the ground that it practically appeared to be covering the whole mountain by its thick shadow. Underneath this beautiful tree, were seated the Seven Celestial Saints, known as Sapta Rishis, whose effulgence resembled that of the radiance of sun. The Sapta Rishis, welcomed Agastya and the sages in a friendly manner and offered their respect as per the Vedic injunctions.

Later on, Agastya, with utmost respect inquired from the Sapta Rishis as what brings them to this, king of sacred mountains, Venkatadri Hills? And, whom are they meditating upon with such rapt attention and fervor? After hearing the humble and meek plea of Agastya, the Sapta Rishis replied – “Oh worshipable one, listen carefully. We are here to gain the divine sight of the Lotus eyed one, who is the protector of the three worlds and who is the Supreme Controller and Lord Master of the entire universe. He is unborn, therefore is referred to as ‘Ajah’. He is supremely attractive, attracting everything and everyone towards him and therefore called as ‘Krushna’. He never lets his devotees go astray to fall in to lower (hellish) planetary systems, therefore called as ‘Achyutha’.

He is the benefactor of all desires, therefore called as ‘Varada’. Only such Supreme, lord of the lords, is indeed worshipable entity and is the object of everyone’s meditation, including ours.” The Sapta Rishis continued, “You shall also be blessed with the auspicious and glorious sight of such Supreme Lord Master and controller of the entire cosmic manifestation, Lord Simannarayana. Go towards the east of this sacred Simhadri Mountains.” Vamadeva continued: “Thanking the Sapta Rishis, Agastya meditating on the auspicious qualities of the Supreme Lord Sriman Narayana, continued his expedition on the eastern side of the mountain ranges. Oh! King Janaka, thus Saint Agastya, witnessing miraculous places and mystical people on the Northern parts of the mountain, came back to where he started his expedition, i.e., Eastern portion of the mountain circumambulating without getting to know the whereabouts of the Supreme Lord, Purana Purusha.

Here the Supreme Lord, Srimannarayana is addressed thus, as Srimannarayana is the one who was present even before the manifestation of this entire cosmic world; He is referred to as the ancient amongst the ancients, Purana Purusha. Thus it is signifying the “Glories of the Auspicious Venkata Hills”, of the Va:mana Pura:na wherein, the unique and never seen transcendental findings by Sage Aghasthya and other saints and their meeting with Celestial Saints and Mystics such as Sanath Kumara and Sapta Rishis is described.

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