lord-srinivasa1Aditya Purana contains SrI vEmkaTESa mAhAtmyam (Glories of Lord Sri Venkatesha & Tirumala). Sage SrI VedavyAsa encapsulated, the proclaimed mahima, in another masterpiece, called SrI vEmkaTESa mAhAtmyam  as part of AdityapurANAmtargata prabamdham.
The great sage sUta maharshi described the mAhAtmyam of the Lord to the sages Saunaka munis as per their request on the shores of the holy river ganga ( a place called naimikAraNyam – several anecdotes were mentioned in the purANAs about the sthala mahima of the place).
Appropriately, the place of narration of VEmkaTESa mAhAtmyam by the great sage sUta also adds dignity, sanctity and splendor due to the sthala mahima. The place, time and the narrator are significant factors to implant, nurture and enhance the devotion in the minds of the audience.


“Venkatadri Samam Sthanam Brahmande Nasthi Kinchana  |
Venkatesa Samo Devo NaBhootho NaBhavishyathi” ||

Meaning: In the Universe there is no sacred place equivalent to Venkatadri (Tirumala) and there is no God equivalent to Lord Venkateswara neither in the past nor in the future going to be. This sloka is mentioned in Varaha Purana and also in Aditya Purana by Sri Vedavyasa & this sloka was told by Suta maharshi to sages named Saunaka munis in a place called Naimisharanya.

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