Venkataadhri Samam Sthaanam Brahmaanday Naasthi Kinchana Venkatesa Samodevo Na Bhutho Na Bhavishyathi

Balaji01In Kaliyuga, Sree Venkateswara Vratham is considered an excellent way to get the grace and blessings of Lord Venkateswara. I heard many things about the miracles and wonders of the Lord. I worshipped the Lord as my life. He is the greatest Lord of wonders, an ocean of compassion, embodiment of kindness, remover of obstacles and miseries – of all his believers. He is the navigator to cross the ocean of difficulties, for his worshippers. He showers his love and affection upon his devotees. There is no doubt that he takes complete responsibility of his devotees, who lead their lives in virtuous way and who surrender themselves to him. My respected parents, Sri. Burle Pulla Rao and Smt. Burle Venkata Lakshmi have told me many amazing facts, about the wonders of the Lord. They created an unmatchable devotion and love towards the “Lord of Seven Hills”. My attachment towards the Lord grew as I became older. He has become an integral part of my life.

I developed inexpressible devotion in my heart towards him. As far as I could remember, I never asked him to fulfill any of my desires. I developed some kind of courage that strengthened my idea that, the Lord will look after me in all pain and pleasure. These days, there’s less devotion towards God and more importance towards selfish desires. We all worship the Lord, but with a lot of desires. Devotees with a pure heart having no desires will achieve the Lord’s celestial appearance (Dhivya Dharshan). I would like to share some experiences that God has graced upon me. Lord Sreenivasa (also known as Lord of Seven Hills or Venkateswara or Venkatesa or Balaji or Tirumalesha or Perumalla or Govinda) will visit the home of devotees – where the parents, in-laws, sons, daughter-in-laws, daughters, son-in-laws and grand children live together with love and affection. Sree Lakshmi (Goddess of Riches) will be dancing there with joy. It is natural that every human has desires. The desire which is harmful to others should never be asked to be fulfilled. Always ask for the desires which are healthier, harmless and yield good results. Lord Sreenivasa has unimaginable love and compassion towards his devotees. We have to pray him with our whole heart, by giving up our ego, selfishness and love towards worldly desires.

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