Vimana of Lord Venkateswara.

venkateswaraSage Agasthya then foretold the future to all the sages, “In Kaliyuga, the Vimana of Srimannarayana will not be visible to the devotees. A beautiful Vimana will be constructed on Venkatachalam on the banks of Swami Pushkarini and it will be full of splendor and luminous as the Sun and it will become the most desired one for everyone”. The Vimana is the abode of Srimannarayana Himself along with his consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi. All the Rishis, Gandharvas, Yakshas, Nagas, 12 Adithyas (sons of Aditi and Kasyap the original prajapati and his wife), 8 Vasus (sons of Bramha) , 11 Rudras, 8 Dikpalalakas (rulers of 8 directions), 9 Vayus (or 9 different types of winds), the 4 faced Lord Bramha, and Lord Siva first take bath in the Swami Pushkarini on the Venkatachalam and pray to Lord Venkateswara chanting hymns seeking his blessings. It is said that even great sinners who pray to the Vima:na of the lord will be liberated from their sins and attain salvation.

It is also believed that no matter where you are located, just by turning towards the direction of the Vima:na of Srimannarayana, you will be liberated from all difficulties in this life. With the above description of the Vimana, Va:madeva Maharshi then went on to explain in greater detail about the history and sacredness of the Vima:na of Srimannarayana (Lord Venkateswara) on Venkatachalam tso King Janaka. He said that, Srimannarayana lives among the hilltops, lakes and caves of the Narayanadri hills of Venkatachalam. Srimannarayana takes several different forms in these hills. In some places he appears as his own divine self, in other places he appears as a human being and sometimes He does not mind even to appear in the form of an animal or a plant. Lord Srimannarayana always resides in the hearts of all his devotees.

It is believed that even a mere 24 minute stay in Vrishabhadri, would liberate one from all his past sins. But it is important to note that any wrong doing in Venkatachalam is also accompanied by an immediate punishment. A legend in Venkatachalam claims that Vishvaksena (the commander-in-chief) is supposed to have given permission to the Gandharvas who live in Venkatachalam to destroy anyone who knowingly does bad deeds there. Sage Vamadeva then proceeded to tell King Janaka that he was once told by Sage Agastya himself that the animals and birds that live in the neighborhood of Ventatachalam are very special and are none other than the demigods (devathas) who take this particular form to serve Lord Venkateswara in Venkatachalam.

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