Vratham Story – Sree Bhagawaan Uvaacha

lord balajiOn one auspicious day in Kaliyuga, Lord Sreeman Narayana himself appeared in the form of Lord Venkateswara to a devotee by the name of Viswapathi, in Tirumala, (which is considered as the Vaikunta – the dwelling place of Sreeman Narayana) and said the following words and instructed him to write the book about this Vratham. Oh my beloved devotee Viswapathi, I will tell you about a special Vratham. This Vratham is beloved to me and can be easily performed by everyone.

In Kaliyuga, people experience the fruits of their past births but again commit sins
and get sorrows and miseries. Some of my devotees pray me, to drive away their difficulties and miseries. They get my dharshan after jumping many hurdles and traveling all the way to Tirumala Tirupathi.

I love my devotees a lot. I take complete responsibility of devotees who lead pious lives and surrender themselves to me. I am going to explain you about a Vratham which will become famous as “Sree Venkateswara Vratham”. This Vratham is very beloved to me. Devotees performing this Vratham with devotion will see immediate solutions to their problems. This Vratham can be performed at any time according to their convenience and financial status. This Vratham will yield maximum results when performed during the months of Maargashira, Maagha, and Kaartheeka or on the days of Full moon, Panchami, Sapthami, Ekadashi or on the days of Sravana or Swaathi stars.

I am aware of all the difficultes being faced by my devotees in Kaliyuga. Devotees can perform this Vratham to get freedom from health issues, wealth issues and family issues or to attain peace of mind. It will remove all the obstacles in your life. This Vratham can be performed during auspicious occasions in your home. Devotees will obtain very good results with their job or business after performing this Vratham. It can be performed in the morning or evening. It has 5 Storys and they all must be read with devotion and dedication to the Lord.

It can be performed in your own house, in the Lord’s temple or in any virtuous place or on the shores of pious rivers. As far as possible it is better to invite all the relatives and friends. Devotees who perform this Vratham and participate by hearing the Vratham and acccepting prasadam will yield eight riches. In the past, many great saints have performed this Vratham and received my complete blessings. This Vratham will bring a lot of joy and happiness to my devotees. Devotees who perform with Vratham with devotion will benefit a lot.

It is very easy to perform this Vratham. I am aware of all the troubles experienced by my devotees in Kaliyuga. That is why devotees will get the results just by doing this Vratham that would have been otherwise acheived by difficult penance and sacrifices. First, select a pious place and clean it. Then, setup a Mantapa or shrine and place my picture in that Mantapa. Idols or picture with my wife’s Sreedevi and Bhudevi would yield the maximum results.

You may place the pictures of other God’s that you like. You may salute the Gods of eight sides (Ashta Dikpaalakulu) and the Gods of nine planets (Nava Graha) in your mind. First, you have to perform Vinayaka pooja and then read these five Storys with devotion. This is the first of the five Storys. The remaining four were narrated by the Great Saints Viswaamithra, Vashista, Bharadwaaja and Athri. After reading each story, chant the name of the Lord Govindaa… Govindaa…. Govindaa…. 3 times as a prayer.

There’s one more thing that I would like to mention. In case the Vratham cannot be performed as said above, due to any difficulty or lack of time or any other reasom, one can sit alone and perform this Vratham. You may sit in front of my picture or idol and pray to God Vinayaka or Vighneswara in your mind. Then, salute the Gods of eight sides (Ashta Dikpaalakulu) and the Gods of nine planets (Nava Graha) in your mind. Place basil plant leaves (tulasi), coconuts, fruits and flowers in a plate. Then salute me and read all the stories from this Vratham.

In the end offer the coconut, flowers and fruits to me as Naivedhyam. Eating the prasadam (Naivedhyam that was offered to me) will drive away your difficulties. I will visit and accept the prasadam when this Vratham is performed with devotion and dedication. My blessings will always be there with everyone. The Lord himself has narrated this Vratham procedure to the devotee by the name of Thimmaraja Viswapathi Ramakrishna Murthy, “Viswapathi”, in Tirumala Tirupathi. We should all perform this Vratham and accept the blessings of Lord Venketeswara.

Govindaa… Govindaa…. Govindaa….

|| End of First Story ||

Shriyaha Kaanthaaya Kalyaana Nidhaye Nidhayerdhinaam |

Sree Venkata Nivaasaaya Sreenivaasaaya Mangalam ||

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