Lord VenkateswaraOnce Lord Sri:niva:sa took the form of a human hunter and went to the mount Kri:da:dri for hunting as a sport. His commander- in-chief Vishvaksena and his army accompanied him. At that time Vrishabhasura, a devotee of Maha Siva and a powerful demon was also roaming on the mount Kri:dadri. Seeing Lord Sri:niva:sa riding a horse holding a bow, Vrishabhasura, arrogant with his strength and magical powers, attacked Lord Sri:niva:sa. Lord ordered Vishvaksena to stop Vrisabhasura.

Vishvaksena and Vrisabhasura fought for some time. Seeing Vishvaksena’s strength, Vrisabhasura realized he would not be able to win over Vishvaksena. He created thousands of demons and powerful weapons using his magical powers. Lord Na:ra:yana destroyed all the demons and weapons created by Vrishabhasura. Looking at this Vrishabhasura released a special magical weapon with the intent of destroying Lord Na:ra:yana and his army and disappeared from the battle ground.

Lord Na:ra:yana then deployed his powerful Sudarsana chakra to destroy the magical evil powers and kill the demon. Sudarsana destroyed all of the demons and army and charged towards Vrishabhasura to kill him. Looking at the chakra, Vrishabhasura realized that the hunter in the human form was none other than Lord Na:ra:yana, and also realized that his death, as foretold by Maha Siva, was very near. He felt happy that he would be killed by Lord Na:ra:yana which would release his soul from all the bondages of this world and take him to Paramapada.

Vrishabhasura prayed, “Oh! Na:ra:yana, the creator of all the visible and invisible worlds, the all -pervasive one! Wind blows as per your wish. Sun rises according to your wish. Fire burns because of You. Bramha and other demi-gods obey your orders. With the mere thought of You, god of death fears to approach anyone. All the greatest of the great saints look forward to get liberated by you from this materialistic world. Please pardon all my sins. I am not wishing for my life but please grant me a boon to rename this mount Kri:da:dri as mount Vrishabha:chala.”

Lord Na:ra:yana with a pleasing smile granted his wishes. The Sudarsana then separated
Vrisabhasura’s neck from his body. The demise of the evil demon brought respite and happiness to the entire world. From that day onwards, Mount Ve:nkatachala is also called ‘Vrishabhachala’.

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