What is the Meaning of Balaji Puja?

lord srinivasaBalaji Puja is a special Puja performed at Shree Balaji Mandir in Chakorp. To invoke auspiciousness on their families, on their special days like Birth days, Marriage Anniversaries hundreds of people visit the temple. In Balaji Puja, 108 names of Lord Balaji are recited infront of the Lord while offering the flowers to the Lord by the priests. Also, the participants are asked to chant the Vedic Mantras for self purification and to invoke auspiciousness. While the participants are reciting the Holy names of Lord, various auspicious items like water, Chandan, Flowers, Scented water, Incence, Camphor, and Ghee lamp are offered to the lord on behalf of the participants and their family members. Also Priests offer their prayers for the special blessings of the Lord on the participants and their family members. Also, the participants will be given ghee Lamp to offer to the Lord with their own hands. At the end Lord’s auspicious Charan is touched on the heads of the participants.

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