Lord Srinivasa walked throughout the world, through various forests, jungles and villages and ultimately came here, where we are sitting today, to the Sheshachala. Why is it called such? It is told that at one time, the great and powerful devata, Vayudeva came to visit the Lord in Vaikuntha and Adi-shesha was at that time guarding, and told Vayu that, “You have to wait and bow down your head before the Lord.” But Vayu was not happy with this. He was eager. So a little argument took place. So the Lord came and to alleviate the argument, He said, “Why don’t you have a contest to see who is stronger between the two of you?” Everything the Lord does has a very, very eternal purpose. So, it was arranged that Adi-shesha put his coils around one of the peaks of Mount Meru named Ananda Parvata, and the test was, who was stronger? Whether Vayu could move that mountain out of the grasps of the coils of Adi-shesha.

So, Vayu was sending the most massive winds, unbelievable winds. In this world we have seen hurricanes and cyclones and tornadoes. These are just little, tiny ttth tth tth… tth tth… tth th tth, but when Vayu, with all the force of all his power, blowing, he could not even slightly even a molecular particle of Adi-shesha or the mountain where they were holding. So he was blowing and blowing and blowing and sending wind after wind after wind, and Adi-shesha was there just holding, holding, holding and days and days went by, and meanwhile, all the air and all the wind, at the disposal of Vayu – he was using just for this purpose, and the rest of the univers was suffocating (laughter). Indra was calling out, “Please! You know this… Adi-shesha… you may be winning the fight, but what about the rest of us?” So Narada Muni appeared and started playing his veena and singing the sweet glories of the Lord. Meanwhile Vayu was exhausted, so he stopped his winds, and at that time Narada Muni was singing and playing, and Adi-shesha was so charmed by the Glories of the Lord, that he lifted one of the hoods to listen carefully.

As soon as he did that, Vayu blew right under that hood, with all of his force, and Adi-Shesha and the whole mountain peak of Ananda Parvata went flying, flying, flying and landed right here on earth.. Haribol! [Haribol!] Then Vayudeva came down and begged apologies, “Oh, I am sorry! What have I done? Please come back. Come back to Vaikuntha.” And Adi-Shesha said, “It is the Lord’s lila. It is His plan that I remain here.” So, this is known as Shesha Parvata bcoz these seven mountains- they consist the abode of Lord Venkateshvara. he is non-different than the body of Ananta-Shesha and it is considered to be non-different than Vaikuntha.

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